New developments in epilepsy management

Ngoh, A. & Parker, A.P.J. Paediatrics and Child Health | Published online: 10 May 2017

The management of epilepsy has developed rapidly in the 21st century, with scientific and technological development providing better means of studying brain structure and function and improving outcome. Since the human genome was sequenced, molecular genetic technologies have developed at an astounding pace, accelerating discovery of disease-causing genes, giving insight into biological pathways and mechanisms underlying epilepsy and, paving ideas for more targeted therapies. In addition, increasing sophistication in structural and functional neuroimaging; and advances in neurophysiological techniques have improved our understanding of brain development, the organization of neural function and neuronal networks; contributing to increasing success in surgical and other non-pharmacological therapies. We highlight key recent developments of which paediatricians treating children with epilepsy should be aware.

Read the full abstract here


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