Interventions that stimulate healthy sleep in school-aged children

Busch, V. et al. (2017) European Journal of Public Health. 27(1) pp. 53-65.


Background: Healthy sleep among children has social, physical and mental health benefits. As most of today’s children do not meet the healthy sleep recommendations, effective interventions are urgently needed. This systematic review summarizes the characteristics and effectiveness of interventions aiming to stimulate healthy sleeping in a general population of school-aged children.

Conclusion: Due to few high quality studies, evidence for the effectiveness of any particular intervention strategy to stimulate healthy sleep in children is still inconclusive. However, the more effective interventions in stimulating healthy sleep duration and adherence to regular bedtimes were mostly multi-behavioral interventions that included creating daily healthy routines and combined intervention settings (e.g. home and school). In conclusion, high-quality studies evaluating systematically developed interventions are needed to move this field forward.

Read the full article here


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