Comparative studies assessing programmes of transition from paediatrics to adult care

Le Roux, E. et al. (2017) BMJ Open. 7:e012338


Objective: To explore the methodologies employed in studies assessing transition of care interventions, with the aim of defining goals for the improvement of future studies.


Conclusions: Few evaluative studies exist and their level of methodological quality is variable. The complexity of interventions, multiplicity of outcomes, difficulty of blinding and the small groups of patients have consequences on concluding on the effectiveness of interventions. The evaluation of the transition interventions requires an appropriate and common methodology which will provide access to a better level of evidence. We identified areas for improvement in terms of randomisation, recruitment and external validity, blinding, measurement validity, standardised assessment and reporting. Improvements will increase our capacity to determine effective interventions for transition care.

Read the full article here


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