Saving Babies Lives

NHS England’s National Clinical Director for the Maternity Review and Women’s Health evaluates the Saving Babies’ Lives Care Bundle for reducing stillbirths | NHS England

It has never been safer to give birth in this country, but there is more that we can do and reducing stillbirth continues to be a priority for the NHS.

There are currently around 665,000 babies born in England each year. But there are over 3,000 stillbirths. While the majority of women receive high quality care, there is around a 25 per cent variation in the stillbirth rates across England. This presents us with an opportunity to make improvements.

In March last year a new set of guidance called the Saving Babies’ Lives Care Bundle was launched by the NHS England Maternity Transformation Programme, as part of a drive to halve the rate of stillbirths from 4.7 per thousand to 2.3 per thousand by 2030 – potentially avoiding the tragedy of stillbirth for more than 1,500 families every year.

The package was developed by groups brought together by NHS England, including midwives, obstetricians and representatives from stillbirth charities.

It brings together four elements of care identified by best available evidence and good practice to help reduce stillbirth rates. These include:

  1. Reducing smoking in pregnancy
  2. Risk assessment and surveillance for fetal growth restriction
  3. Raising awareness of reduced fetal movement, and
  4. Effective fetal monitoring during labour.

Read more via NHS England


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