Evidence-based Practice in Action: Ensuring Quality of Pediatric Assessment Frequency

McDonald,K. & Eckhardt, A.L. Journal of Pediatric Nursing. Published online: December 12 2016

Purpose:Optimal frequency of head-to-toe assessment in hospitalized pediatric patients is unknown. An alteration in head-to-toe assessment frequency was proposed at a Midwestern regional hospital. The purpose of this descriptive study was to evaluate patient safety and staff satisfaction following a change in head-to-toe assessment frequency.


Conclusions: The change in head-to-toe assessment frequency did not impact patient safety, but had a positive impact on nurse satisfaction. Following the study period, the unit policy was changed to reflect the new evidence based head-to-toe assessment interval. Further research is needed with a larger, more diverse sample of pediatric patients and pediatric nurses.

Read the full abstract here


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