‘Risk of death’ warning over access to Caesareans

A senior coroner has warned of a risk of future deaths if the NHS favours vaginal delivery over Caesarean sections on the basis of cost. Andrew Walker wants action taken after an inquest into the death of a newborn.

Kristian Jaworski died five days after his birth in June 2015 as a result of brain damage during a “prolonged and extended instrumental delivery”. North Middlesex University Hospital has accepted liability for his death, but said cost had not been a consideration. Mr Walker’s report, sent to the Department of Health, says that in the case of Kristian Jaworski there appeared to be a financial reason for favouring a vaginal delivery “that needed to be rebutted”.

The coroner described how Tracey Taylor, Kristian’s mother, repeatedly told medical staff that she needed a Caesarean after complications during the birth of her first child Sebastian, three and a half years earlier. But the information was never recorded in her medical notes and she said her requests for a Caesarean during a lengthy and difficult labour were ignored. The inquest heard that doctors tried repeatedly to deliver Kristian in theatre using suction and then forceps, before performing an emergency Caesarean under general anaesthetic.

Read the full news story here


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