Rise in scarlet fever cases shows 49-year high, health experts say

By Dominic Howell. BBC News. 11 March 2016

In 2015 there were 17,586 cases of scarlet fever. Analysts have to go as far back as the year 1967 – when 19,305 cases were reported – to find a year when the numbers were higher.

PHE is alerting all health practitioners to be mindful of the disease when assessing patients.

Scarlet fever is most common in children under ten years old.

Image source: PHE via BBC News

PHE said about 600 cases are being flagged up each week in England, and further increases are expected as the infection comes into it the peak season – which typically occurs between late March and mid April.

The number of cases of scarlet fever has soared in the last three years, PHE said. In 2013 there were just 4,642 cases reported in England and Wales, but this then jumped – by 236% – to 15,625 cases in 2014.

Read the full news story here


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