The future of child health services: new models of care

Kossarova, L. et al. Nuffield trust. Published online: 8 February 2016

future child health.png
Image source: Nuffield Trust

This report highlights what the problems are in current health care services for children and young people, and investigates how emerging new models of care could provide an opportunity to address these.

‘The future of child health services: new models of care’ sets out examples of emerging new ways of delivering care for children and young people.

The report describes the current state of child health and quality of care in the UK, including problems around increasing use of hospitals to treat conditions that could be dealt with in other settings; capacity issues in primary care; and the often disjointed care provided between hospitals and the community. It then looks some examples of new models of care – which have been emerging both within the Vanguard scheme and inspired by it – and how they are responding to these issues.

future child health2
Image source: Nuffield Trust

The report is based on a workshop run by the Nuffield Trust, as well as on presentations, discussions, case study materials submitted by representatives of the new models who attended the workshop, and published literature. It is the first report in our new series ‘The future of…’, which is looking at the future of service delivery in various specialisms within the health service.

Read the full report here

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