Learning Motivational Interviewing: A Pathway to Caring and Mindful Patient Encounters

Kennedy, D. et al. Journal of Pediatric Nursing. Available online: 1 February 2016

nurse child.jpg

Abstract: We designed our project to explore the experience of learning motivational interviewing (MI). The project impetus came from a desire to improve our skill in communicating with patients. We created a curriculum led by an MI specialist that provided didactic sessions, discussions and individual feedback. In evaluating our audio-taped MI encounters, we approached beginner proficiency. Also, we recognized the need for formal MI education and practice to fully develop the interventionist skills needed for clinical work and our next research project about preparing patients for transition to adult health care. Lastly, we realized that MI strategies reflect aspects of caring theory and mindfulness, important components of patient-centered care.


  • We conducted a professional development project to learn motivational interviewing (MI).
  • Project participants approached beginner MI competency.
  • Motivational interviewing reflects caring and mindful health care practice.
  • Self-evaluation and practice are important in developing MI skills.
  • The project learning activities were feasible for practicing health care professionals.


Read the abstract here


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